Elizabeta Novaković is the CEO and founder of Acro #GoalAchiever. She was born in 1991. For more than a half of her life she was practicing taekwondo, and after 13 years of being a professional sportsperson, she realized that visual communications and taekwondo are somehow connected. In 2013 she graduated in visual communication as the best student of her generation. During her studies, she did many design works that were noticed, such as: T-SHI(R)T for the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, FLASH RUNNERS for Nike (We Run Coast), Annual Report for Concha Y Toro Chilean Wine (which was exhibited at the Croatian Design 1112 Exhibition), and others. As a student, she volunteered in two design studios and a marketing agency. After college, she was a part of one of the best Croatian design studios for a year and after that she decided to open her own mini-agency named Brandlook.