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Croatia As It Is — Far From Russia, Close to Italy

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Superstudio, 2012

Proizvoda trenutno nema na zalihama.

Broj Artikla # 476-2



Croatia As It Is — Far From Russia, Close to Italy

Croatia is a well-known tourist destination. To be more specific, this means that we have great expectations from tourism and just before every summer season our marketing experts have to come up with new tourist campaigns which often results in recycling the same old slogans about our natural beauties, richness of our cultural heritage and hospitality of our people. At the same time, many try to create new and authentic souvenirs that would remind the tourists of an unforgettable holiday in our lovely country. One thing remains unclear: if Croatia is so fantastic, why do we need to praise it so much? And exaggerate? Shouldn’t it be enough to remain objective and simply state a few basic facts?

Detalji proizvoda

KategorijaModni dodaci
ProizvođačCroatian Design Superstore
Proizvedeno uCroatia

Dimenzije i upute za održavanje

Dimenzije 45 x 45 x 0,5 cm
Težina100 g
OdržavanjeClean with water and soap.


Predviđeno slanjeNext business day
Predviđena dostavaby 27 Nov 2017
Slanje izZagreb
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