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Dostupno po narudžbi

Food for your body and mind

Biosativa is a new brand, based in Zagreb, that produces a variety of cold pressed oils from organically cultivated raw materials. It’s followed by simple, recognizable, practi­cal and ecologically acceptable packaging that can be applied to a wide assortment of products. At the same time, packaging protects oil against external influences and keeps the quality intended for food or cosmetics. Dark glass bottle packed in a paper tube is double protection packaging for about 20 different types of oil. Food or cosmetics — it is important to communicate organic, healthy and elegant enough to fit easily in the kitchen and in the bathroom ambience. Strong typographic solution printed on the most natural of all paper — natron paper, gives brand recognition clearly describing products that it presents. The design that attracts with it’s simplicity and “breathes” organic accompanies beauty and health products inside.

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