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The challenge of making it perfect in only one take

Trace ceramic plate is dedicated to a moment in the work of every potter’s work, and it is characterized by cutting clay that is still soft with wire. The traces that occur after these strokes are quite delicate because at that point they are still not visible. The only thing the potter then feels are movements within the clay itself, while shaping the form, i.e. stretching the surface, cutting and placing the clay in the mold require a skill. This extremely delicate procedure is challenging, given that the tiniest of mistakes means the whole process needs to be repeated from the very beginning.

Paeonia Lactiflora

Decorative bowl Paeonia Lactiflora is one of the works from the author’s exhibition Rhythm of Nature, held in the Zagreb Botanical Garden in 2010. The …

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The Pannikin bowls evoke everyday use of original metal cups for drinking coffee and tea. Their ergonomic design revolves around the interaction between the material and …

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Sea Strands

The Sea Strand series is a result of research into textures and materials reflecting processed memories of various stone structures. The intention is to preserve …

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Pulse Bowl

This bowl aims to link and fuse organic structures. Apart from its function, it provides a tactile experience of natural materials. The bowl is completely …

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Nest Bowl

Nest decorative bowl, as well as other works of the author, transforms structures from the nature into utility items. The Nest very realistically transmits the …

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