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Croatia As It Is — Before Cuba, After Cote d’Ivoire

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Superstudio, 2012

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Croatia As It Is — Before Cuba, After Cote d’Ivoire

Croatia is a well-known tourist destination. To be more specific, this means that we have great expectations from tourism, and soon before every summer season our marketing experts have to come up with new tourist campaigns. This often results in recycling the same old slogans about the natural beauty of the country, rich cultural heritage, and hospitality of Croatian people. At the same time, many try to create new and authentic souvenirs that would remind the tourists of an unforgettable holiday in our lovely country. One thing remains unclear: if Croatia is so fantastic, why do we need to praise it so much? And exaggerate? Instead, the authors decided to inaugurate a completely new concept and give a humble and objective presentation, stating only a few commonplace facts about Croatia.

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ManufacturerCroatian Design Superstore
Made inCroatiaCroatia

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Dimensions 45 x 45 x 0,5 cm
Weight100 g
Handling instructionsClean with soap and water.Clean with soap and water.

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