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Zagreb à la carte + Eat Zagreb

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Zagreb à la carte + Eat Zagreb

A special offer for all lovers of gastronomy and Zagreb - card game and cookbook Zagreb à la carte in package with gastro guide Eat Zagreb! Zagreb à la carte - tourist souvenir, gastro-gift or simply a fun card game that can open your appetite, Zagreb à la carte is an original designer product that promotes typical local ingredients and traditional recipes from the Zagreb region. This cooking card game is intended for all those who like to socialize and talk about food, learn what are ajngemahtec, žganci, picek or špek-fileki, and those who are yet to learn how to pronounce krvavica [krwuw-it-zah] or šnenokle [schnay-nock-lay]. Zagreb à la carte contains a deck of cards with ingredients and meals and an illustrated cookbook accompanying the game and providing detailed recipes. Play the game, learn how to prepare traditional meals or simply read about tasty domestic food - from a(jnpren) to ž(ganci)! Eat Zagreb - Whether you're in search of a specific delicious local dish, an appetizing wine variety, or you're just wandering around town, wishing to experience something you will long remember - this book is here to guide your taste buds into something superb! Besides tourist visitors who surely desire to try the very best of the city's offer, this book also caters to domestic travelers, as well as gastro-loving locals, with entertaining and up-to-date insights - all in one place.

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