Back to Work: Changes Are Always a Good Idea!

Do you feel the urge to take a step forward from your usual habits? Perhaps it’s the pressure from your environment that advises – correct this, change that, why not try this thing? Even with the best intentions coming from all sides, one must, after all, step out and away, clear the mind and discover what it that that one really wants.

The Croatian Design Superstore’s well-synced team has the occasional need to press that imaginary “restart” button, or at least start a new chapter. And we do it often! We’re always coming up with new projects, but sometimes even the smallest of changes are enough. That’s why we’ve decided to share our most effective tricks for encouraging positive vibes at work. Let us know what your’s are!

Cheer your colleagues up with a little something

We must admit, here at the Croatian Design Superstore, we like to look after each other as if we were at home. Often we serve each other fruit cut up into little slices, motivate each other to eat yogurt instead of pudding, and birthdays never lack creativity! It makes us very happy and grateful when one of our economists shows us a trick in Excel, or when our designers show us a new shortcut in Photoshop. It’s said that happiness comes in small sizes, and the feeling that you’ve been helpful to someone is always fulfilling.

Make a change in the interior (or on your desktop)

In Martićeva 4, the walls and floor always remain the same red color, but not position of our furniture. Every few months there comes a certain need to rearrange things and create some excitement in our space. The Croatian Design Superstore’s mobiliars have been designed with the intention to be easily rearranged. When we don’t have the time for a project like that – we reorganize our desktop. Autumn’s first week back at work is the chance for both!

Remind yourself that you’re doing a great job – even with the smallest things

Sometimes you need to look a colleague (or yourself in the mirror) straight into the eye and say – you are great! Even the most demanding projects and tasks are made up of small steps, and a lot of concentration is necessary for that. We tend to take all these things for granted sometimes, but we often need to do a reality check – not anybody can do what you’re doing (or, what I’m doing)! In fact, in your position, with your experience and knowledge, there is not a single person in the world. Therefore, bravo you – keep it going!

Say bye-bye to your comfort zone

You know that feeling when after an intense, productive day you feel completely at peace and fulfilled – as though you’ve reached your full potential? That feeling, at least for us here at the CDSS, is often associated with the feeling that we’ve pushed further than our limits and made a step forward. Sometimes we nail a meeting, and other times we’re proud that we’ve successfully ignored that terrible sweet tooth after lunch. Willpower, people!

You need to know when to treat yourself

Surrounded by beautiful Croatian design products, sometimes it’s necessary to treat yourself to a piece that you’ve long had your eye on. This fall, we’re treating ourselves to little things for the office such as planners, table décor, or new bags for the job, which also serve as a physical reminder of new beginnings and new habits. You deserve to be the best version of yourself, and you need to know how to treat yourself sometimes!

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