Published on:
6th November 2014

This Is How We Pop!

Being a pop-up shop ain’t easy!
We’re featuring various products from more than 150 Croatian designers – imagine that in a truck travelling around the world! The idea behind a popping shop is being able to relocate from one city to another – no strings attached, promoting Croatian design as far as we can.

It might be a 3 month long or even a 2 days short stay, depending on our host, but the showcasing quality stays always the same. That’s because we travel around with a transformable pop-up panel system that converts from table to wardrobe to screen to shelves and back to a table again, depending on the form and quantity of displayed products.

Isn’t that convenient?



They are 6.5 cm high and walking in them feels just like flying. They are comfy yet stylish. Meet Boromina, the fashion shoe (Made in …


eNeN Table

The character of eNeN is highlighted by his playfully designed legs. The unusual form of the legs derives from the letter “N”, which was mirrored …



Zoozle is a simple jigsaw puzzle set with animal motifs: a giraffe, an elephant and a tiger. Each animal is made up of only two …


Pinch Cup

A simple and functional form and a minimalistic approach make a characteristic Pinch cup. The cups are handcrafted using the pinch method: the clay is formed in the …



With its flexibility Cavea chair shall fit into any space ideally. In addition to sitting furniture, it can be used as a side table or …