Published on:
6th November 2014

This Is How We Pop!

Being a pop-up shop ain’t easy!
We’re featuring various products from more than 150 Croatian designers – imagine that in a truck travelling around the world! The idea behind a popping shop is being able to relocate from one city to another – no strings attached, promoting Croatian design as far as we can.

It might be a 3 month long or even a 2 days short stay, depending on our host, but the showcasing quality stays always the same. That’s because we travel around with a transformable pop-up panel system that converts from table to wardrobe to screen to shelves and back to a table again, depending on the form and quantity of displayed products.

Isn’t that convenient?


Nine Looks

Nine Looks is a part of the series of typographic posters for Typonine, the first Croatian font foundry, for which Nikola Đurek cooperated with different young Croatian …


Nest Bowl

Nest decorative bowl, as well as other works of the author, transforms structures from the nature into utility items. The Nest very realistically transmits the …


ANNIEWAY Tassled Dress

A red and pink mini dress with a neck strap and a voluminous body of crocheted tassles with a snugly fitting high waist. This piece …


Marica’s Eco Juice

Packaging for juices made from ecologically grown fruit. The juices are made by the family company Marica Jug, located not far from the city of …



Two similar polyhedrons are the result of a single planar section executed on a standard carpenter saw. The initial tetrahedron is rotated by two axes …