Published on:
5th September 2016

(Hrvatski) Zapošljavamo!

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Cerovski / Personalized Planner 2015

Cerovski Print Boutique is premium printing company which is developing in the direction of digital technologies, combining them with the print in a creative way. …


Structural collection

A collection inspired by nature, ethnology and sea waves examines the possibilities of form and structure


Kon2re Harmony

Inspired by a harmonika, or an accordion in Croatian, structural vertical and horizontal seams on this bag make it appear as the popular musical instrument. The …


Moje sirove strasti

Kuharica sirove hrane glumice Nade Rocco, ili preciznije rečeno niz njezinih zabilješki na temu nutricionizma i sirovojelstva, sastoji se od 80 recepata (zapravo uputa i …


Nest Bowl

Nest decorative bowl, as well as other works of the author, transforms structures from the nature into utility items. The Nest very realistically transmits the …